The Why

I believe that human beings are stronger when we work together. I believe that each of us has something that we can contribute to the communities that we are involved in. One of my goals for this year and moving forward is to give back to the IT Community by sharing my experiences and helping others who might be on similar journeys. This might come in the form of blog posts on this website, user group talks, working with other members of the community to create content and organise events.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’d like to collaborate. You’ll find links to my socials at the bottom of this page.

The What

In this section you will find details of any events happening in the community that I might be involved in or that I think deserve some love. Reach out if you want your event posted here.

Limerick DotNet Azure User Group

At the start of the year, I joined the Team at the Limerick DotNet Azure User group as a co-organiser. I’ve been focused on bringing speakers in to present at our monthly events. We’ve had some great speakers this year so far and look forward to more. Join our user group and sign up for upcoming events at on Meetup.

If you’d like to present at one of our virtual user groups, please submit a session by clicking below: — The smart way to manage Call for Papers, Speakers and Agenda for your conference.

Coming Up!

Monday 7th June: Live Call with Chris Reddington

On Monday 7th June, I’ll be joining Chris Reddington (@reddobowen) for another live call to discuss using Azure Storage, Azure CDN, GitHub Actions, and Hugo to deliver an awesome blog platform.

This time we’ll be doing an in-depth session on the GitHub Actions workflows that automate a lot of the publishing process Chris uses with his site (

It’s sure to be another interesting discussion! If you want to know more about GitHub Actions and how it can help your blogging, then check out the session! See you there!

The stream will be available below when we go live.

Thursday 10th June: LDNA - June Event

Shannon Kuehn (Follow her on Twitter: @shankuehn) will be joining us to present her “Azure VMware Services Overview” talk. Many in the Enterprise IT and MSP space will be familiar with VMware. Come and hear how you can extend, or migrate, your existing VMware workloads to Azure without the need to re-architect your applications or change your tooling.

Sign up and join us by clicking the image below.

LDNA - June Virtual Event - Azure VMware Services Overview

Past events!

LDNA - May Event

Ricardo Melo Jóia (Follow him on Twitter: @rmjoia) joined us to present his awesome “VS ‘Army Knife’ Code” talk. As a daily user of VSCode I found this a really useful session. You can check out the recording below.

Thursday 22nd April: Live Call with Chris Reddington

On Thursday 22nd April, I joined Chris Reddington (@reddobowen) for a live call to discuss using Azure Storage, Azure CDN, GitHub Actions, and Hugo to deliver an awesome blog platform.

We went into detail on the decisions and reasoning behind the choice to run his site ( in Azure. We also touched on the automated GitHub Actions workflows that Chris uses to publish new content to his site.

It was a great discussion and we will be doing another session on June 3rd which will be focusing on the GitHub Actions workflows in detail.

You can check out the recording on YouTube:

Friday 23rd April: “In conversation with… JonnyChipz and Thomas Thornton!”

Back in early April (2021), Thomas Thornton (@tamstar1234) recorded a session of “In Conversation with… JonnyChipz” with John Lunn (@jonnychipz). It first aired on Friday 23rd April on the Azureish Live Twitch page and on YouTube.

We covered a wide range of topics including DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Learning, and our love of community. Feel free to check it out.

You can see the YouTube video below. Thanks for having us John!!

LDNA - April Event

Maik van der Gaag (Follow him on Twitter: @maikvandergaag) joined us to present his “Azure Infrastructure as Code via Azure Bicep” talk. This was a great session, I’d recommend you check out the recording when it’s posted. Check out the recording below:

LDNA - March Event

Chris Reddington joined us to present his “How GitHub Actions can help in building and deploying a Static Website” session. Check out his website at and follow him on Twitter @reddobowen.

LDNA - February Event

Bojan Magusic joined us in February to present a session on Azure Sentinel. You can follow him on Twitter @bmagusic.